Did you know that Coffee Boosts Metabolism?

Does Coffee Boost Metabolism or is it an old wives tale?  Let’s read on to find out.

Coffee is a fantastic drink to start your day since it not only wakes you up but did you know that it also boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. Some people believe that you have to drink it black and skip the milk but since it’s actually the caffeine in the coffee which boosts the metabolism this has been proven incorrect.

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In a study conducted in 1980, the study revealed that metabolism in humans was increased around three hours after having a cup of coffee in people who were overweight and also people who were of average weight.

Even though the metabolism was increased, unfortunately fat breakdown only occurred in people who were of average weight.  There has always been a lot of controversy as to whether coffee actually increases metabolism and leads to significant weight loss however there is the added benefit that people using coffee to boost their energy levels allows them to get started with the day effective which leads to an active and productive lifestyle.

So is this good or bad news?  In my opinion, anything which promotes an active lifestyle is a good thing so coffee is getting a tick from me.  Whether or not coffee actually boosts metabolism effectively for weight loss will always be debated but who cares.  Drink and enjoy!